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Endell Street Military Hospital Digital Collection

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  • 1915 -1919

This collection incorporates a selection of material from the archives of Louisa Garrett Anderson and of Nina Last relating to the Endell Street Military Hospital (1915-1919). This includes the letters of Louisa Garret Anderson regarding the Women’s Hospital Corps (mainly to her mother, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson), a notebook by Nina Last regarding her work at Endell Street, a scrapbook kept by Flora Murray, and a series of photographs relating to the hospital and its staff, along with an image of an embroidered shoe bag. Transcripts are included with the original manuscripts in this collection.

Inter-war Feminist Pamphlet Collection

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  • 1918-1940

A curated collection of pamphlets selected from The Women’s Library and related collections, focusing on the work of organisations, reformers and campaigners who advocated for women’s rights and equality during the inter-war period (1918 – 1940). Also included are the perspectives of politicians, governments, and intergovernmental organisations, as they reacted to the issues raised by women’s rights advocates.

Rare Books: Women's History Collection

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  • Collection
  • 1615-1849

The books in this collection constitute some of the oldest material from The Women’s Library and LSE, dating from the early 17th century to the mid 19th century. The collection explores how social expectations of women and their perceived roles in society have changed throughout the centuries, featuring perspectives from both female and male authors. The books include academic and philosophical works, such as treatises, essays and recorded lectures, as well as petitions, instructional books, works of fiction, satire and general entertainment.