What is the Digital Library?

The Digital Library is LSE Library's repository of digital items and collections. These items and collections are made available online for anyone who might wish to make use of them for education, research or general interest. It is replacing the original LSE Digital Library. A programme to migrate content from the original Digital Library to this version is currently under way.

What does the Digital Library contain?

The Digital Library contains digitised material from the Library's collections and born-digital material that has been collected and preserved in digital formats. It currently features:

  • Digitised library and archival holdings, for example the Economic History Digital Collection.
  • Digitised LSE Institutional Archives, for example LSE Calendars.
  • Charles Booth Digital Collection, including the Booth Maps, one of LSE Library’s flagship holdings.

What are the plans for the Digital Library’s future?

Over time we will continue to add material we have digitised, as well as extend the content types we collect to include:

  • Born-digital archives deposited at LSE Archives and Special Collections.
  • Born-digital LSE Institutional Archives.
  • Material currently held on LSE Digital Library.

How can I provide feedback or get help?

We want the Digital Library to be a service for teaching, learning and research both inside and outside of LSE. To that end, we encourage feedback about the service and suggestions for collections we might add - please email Library.Enquiries@lse.ac.uk.