The Women's Library Poster Collection Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Date Sort ascending Digital object
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030005 3AMS/F/19/05 - United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) Folder 1963-1991
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030012 TWL.2009.04.04 - LSE Women's Liberation Group Folder 1970-1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030002 TWL.2009.04.02 - Housework Folder 1970-1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010059 TWL.2004.902.1 - In The Kitchen Magic Moments Folder 1970-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030006 TWL.2004.930 - It's a womans privilege to change his mind Folder 1970-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010048 TWL.2006.02.30 - Protest Folder 1973
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010042 TWL.2006.02.03 - 7 demands Folder 1974
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010010 TWL.1999.109 - Which one are you? Folder 1974
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010017 TWL.2003.215.b - A woman's work is never done Folder 1974
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030003 TWL.2006.02.04 - Scarlet Women Folder 1974-1984
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030014 TWL.2006.02.06 - South London women's liberation open meeting Folder 1974-1984
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010014 TWL.2006.02.21 - Perspectives for Building the Women's Liberation Movement as a Mass Movement Folder 1974-1984
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010016 TWL.2005.91.04 - Solidarity with Womens struggles all over the world: Women's Day March Folder 1975
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010021 TWL.2003.197.a - Capitalism also depends on domestic labour Folder 1975
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030008 TWL.2003.529b - East London : Why are Women Marching? Folder 1975
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010004 TWL.2009.10.02 - Don't break down, BREAK OUT Folder 1975
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010063 TWL.2003.315.b - 25% of violent crime is domestic violence Folder 1975-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010031 TWL.2006.02.39h - The Lesbian Spirit is a Beauty Within Every Woman: August 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010033 TWL.2006.02.39j - She's been bought... She's been given what is she doing today? October 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010035 TWL.2006.02.39l - Our oppression as women health workers is inextricably linked with our oppression as women: December 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010037 TWL.2009.04.11 - The Ideal Couple Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010067 TWL.2006.02.01 - It's what our right arm is for (never released for sale) Folder [1976]
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010024 TWL.2006.02.39a - Calendar 1976 cover Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010032 TWL.2006.02.39i - Well As She's Lived Longer She's Got To Expect a Smaller Pension: September 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010034 TWL.2006.02.39k - What did you do today dear? November 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010036 TWL.2006.02.13 - Print Your Own Poster Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010041 TWL.2006.02.35 - Alone we are powerless, together we're strong Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030011 TWL.2009.04.05 - International Women's Day Women's March Folder 1976
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