The Women's Library Poster Collection Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
UKLSE-DL1BP01001003 Other organisations and events Series
UKLSE-DL1BP01002001 See Red Women's Workshop Series
UKLSE-DL1BP01001001 Women's peace campaigning Series
UKLSE-DL1BP01001002 Women and violence Series
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010001 TWL.2006.02.08 - Support our Irish Sisters in Armagh Jail Folder [1978-1979]
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010005 TWL.2006.02.38 - See Red 1984 Calendar Folder 1984
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010007 TWL.2006.02.22 - A Woman's Right to Choose? Folder 1980
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010009 TWL.2003.236 - Contraception Folder 1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010013 TWL.2003.548 - See Red posters Folder 1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010031 TWL.2006.02.39h - The Lesbian Spirit is a Beauty Within Every Woman: August 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010033 TWL.2006.02.39j - She's been bought... She's been given what is she doing today? October 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010035 TWL.2006.02.39l - Our oppression as women health workers is inextricably linked with our oppression as women: December 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010037 TWL.2009.04.11 - The Ideal Couple Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010038 TWL.2006.02.29 - Miss March takes the Heatherbell through .... Folder 1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010042 TWL.2006.02.03 - 7 demands Folder 1974
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010043 TWL.2006.02.18 - Right on Jane! Folder 1977-1978
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010044 TWL.2006.02.14 - Sisters! Question Every Aspect Of Our Lives Folder 1977
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010046 TWL.2006.02.36 - Don't Let Racism Divide Us Folder 1978-1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010054 TWL.2006.02.19 - A Celebration for Change Folder 1981
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010056 TWL.2006.02.16 - Women Hold Up Half The Sky Folder 1978
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010064 TWL.2006.02.41 - See Red Women's Workshop Calendar 1980 Folder 1980
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010065 TWL.2006.02.40 - See Red Women's Workshop Calendar 1978 Folder 1978
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010067 TWL.2006.02.01 - It's what our right arm is for (never released for sale) Folder [1976]
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010069 TWL.2006.02.20 - Participe De Nuestra Lucha! Participate in our struggle! Folder 1981
UKLSE-DL1BP010010010003 7JAN/5/03 - Greenham Common 1984 not Auschwitz 1944! Folder 1984
UKLSE-DL1BP010010010004 7JAN/5/05 - Life against death Folder 1980-1989
UKLSE-DL1BP010010010006 7JAN/5/07 - Greenham winter Folder 1985
UKLSE-DL1BP010010010011 7JAN/5/12 - Holly Near Folder 1984
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