Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, British Section (WILPF) Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UKLSE-AS1WF010010010004 Mary Alys interview, part 4: Generational Differences Folder 2013
UKLSE-AS1WF010010010005 Mary Alys interview, part 5: Worthing Branch Activities Folder 2013
UKLSE-AS1WF010010010006 Mary Alys interview, part 6: UK WILPF Folder 2013
UKLSE-AS1WF010010010010 Mary Alys interview, part 10: Pacifism Folder 2013
UKLSE-AS1WF01001003 Diane Brace interviewed by Jane Grant, 7 Nov 2014 Subseries 2014
UKLSE-AS1WF010010050001 Deirdre Leask interview: recording and summary Folder 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF010010060002 Glenys Lee interview, 12 March: recordings (part 1-3) Folder 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF01001008 Margaret Turner interviewed by Zoe Perry, 15 Jan 2015 Subseries 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF010010080003 Papers relating to Margaret Turner in South Africa Folder 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF010010080004 Papers relating to Margaret Turner in Cancun Folder 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF010010080005 Photograph of a sash with pin badge of Palestinian flag related to Margaret Turner in Palestine Folder 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF010010080006 Photograph of Margaret Turner Folder 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF01001 'These Dangerous Women' Oral History Project Series 2013-2015
UKLSE-AS1WF01001001 Mary Alys interviewed by Lorraine Mirham, 2013 Subseries 2013
UKLSE-AS1WF010010010008 Mary Alys interview, part 8: Mary's Role Internationally Folder 2013
UKLSE-AS1WF010010010012 Mary Alys interview, part 12: Membership Retention Folder 2013
UKLSE-AS1WF010010020001 Martha Jean Baker interview, 21 Nov 2014: recordings and summary Folder 2014-2015
UKLSE-AS1WF010010020002 Martha Jean Baker interview, 2 Feb 2015: recording and summary Folder 2014-2015
UKLSE-AS1WF010010020003 Photograph of Martha Jean Baker Folder 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF010010030001 Diane Brace interview: recording (part 1-2) Folder 2014
UKLSE-AS1WF010010040001 Lois Evans interview: recording Folder 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF010010040002 Photograph of Lois Evans Folder 2010
UKLSE-AS1WF01001005 Deirdre Leask interviewed by Ella Page, 1 May 2015 Subseries 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF01001006 Glenys Lee interviewed by Clara Cook, 21 Jan and 12 Mar 2015 Subseries 2015
UKLSE-AS1WF010010010007 Mary Alys interview, part 7: Link to International Organisation Folder 2013
UKLSE-AS1WF010010010011 Mary Alys interview, part 11: National Section Folder 2013
UKLSE-AS1WF01001002 Martha Jean Baker interviewed by Olivia Dickinson, 20 Nov 2014 and 2 Feb 2015 Subseries 2014-2015
UKLSE-AS1WF01001004 Lois Evans interviewed by Pat Pleasance, 15 Jan 2015 Subseries 2010-2015
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