LSE Community Histories Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UKLSE-AS1CH010020010004 Interview with Scott Benowitz File 2015
UKLSE-AS1CH010020010007 Interview with Sandra Cook File 2015
UKLSE-AS1CH010020010008 Interview with Craig Donohoe File 2015
UKLSE-AS1CH010020010025 Interview with John Thornton File 2015
UKLSE-AS1CH010020010029 Interview with Robert Weinberg File 2015
UKLSE-AS1CH010020010031 Interview with John Worrall File 2015
UKLSE-AS1CH010010010005 Anna Bruvere File 2020
UKLSE-AS1CH010010010007 Beatrice Icharia File 1993
UKLSE-AS1CH010010010010 Biqi Gao File 2013
UKLSE-AS1CH010010010016 Carlos Lejnieks File 2004
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