Papers of League of Nations Union Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UKLSE-DL1PI010010010001 LNU/2/1-Minutes of the meetings of the Provisional Executive Committee of the League of Free Nations Association 1918 Folder 1918
UKLSE-DL1PI010010010006 LNU/2/6-Minutes of the meetings of the Executive Council of the LNU 1924 - 1925 Folder 1925
UKLSE-DL1PI010010010007 LNU/2/7-Minutes of the meetings of the Executive Council of the LNU 1925 - 1926 Folder 1926
UKLSE-DL1PI01001002 LNU/7/1-League of Nations Union - Publications 1920 Subseries
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020004 LNU/7/1-Extracts from a speech made by Lord Robert Cecil at Geneva; 17 November 1920 Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020013 LNU/7/1-The Economic Functions of the League' Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020014 LNU/7/1-Mandates and Empire' Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020022 LNU/7/1-The League of Nations Membership Form Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020023 LNU/7/1-Outline of Policy Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020035 LNU/7/1-The League of Nations and Industrial Peace Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020036 LNU/7/1-The League of Nations Union: What it has done and is doing Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020037 LNU/7/1-The First Year of the League of Nations Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020039 LNU/7/1-A Vital Question Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020040 LNU/7/1-What happened in the Great War Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010020042 LNU/7/1-Credit or Chaos'; by Sir Drummond Fraser Folder 1920
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030003 LNU/7/7-Human Welfare and the League; 6th edition Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030004 LNU/7/7-What the League Has Done; 1920 - 1930' Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030010 LNU/7/7-World Peace and American Policy Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030017 LNU/7/7-Preliminary Agenda of the 11th Annual Meeting of the General Council; June 1930 Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030019 LNU/7/7-Final Agenda of the 11th Annual Meeting of the General Council; June 1930 Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030021 LNU/7/7-Leading Opinions Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030022 LNU/7/7-Appeal for Foundation Members Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030024 LNU/7/7-LNU Library Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030028 LNU/7/7-Final Agenda of a meeting of the General Council; December 1930 Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030032 LNU/7/7-Summer School and Travel; 1930 Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030036 LNU/7/7-Junior Summer School At Geneva; August 1930 Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010030037 LNU/7/7-Geneva Institute of International Relations; 1930 Folder 1930
UKLSE-DL1PI010010040004 LNU/8/15-Newspaper clipping: "Dying Man Signs for Peace" Folder 1935
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