Inter-war Feminist Pamphlet Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010143 Rapport de la Conference internationale d'etudes; Zurich (Suisse) 26 fevrier-1 mars 1937. File 1937
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010061 Little lights of Jiaganj File 1936
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010727 II. Nemzetkozi Asszonyhet Budapest 1937; II. International women's week Budapest; 5th-12th August 1937 File 1937
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010665 Rules and Syllabus for the Women Housing Managers Certificate Examination File 1939
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010239 What the wage-earning woman contributes to family support File 1929
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010230 Technological changes in relation to women's employment File 1935
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010587 The Parliamentary Debate on the Civil Service Marriage Bar File 1927
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010193 Factories Bill. Fifteenth Day's Proceedings. 29th April 1937 File 1937
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010191 Factories Bill. Twelth Day's Proceedings. 20th April 1937 File 1937
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010194 Official report : Parliamentary Debates; 7th June 1935 File 1935
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010198 Official report : Employment of Women and Young Persons Bill. Fourth Day's Proceedings File 1936
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010291 The commercialization of the home through industrial home work File 1935
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010292 Industrial home work File 1930
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010293 Industrial home work in Rhode Island; with special reference to the lace industry File 1935
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010294 The output of women workers in relation to hours of work in shell-making File 1919
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010296 A study of a change from 8 to 6 hours of work File 1933
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010369 The rights of women in co-operative societies File 1930
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010364 Women in steel File 1937
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010365 The ABC of the Women's Co-operative Guild File 1932
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010367 The Women's Co-operative Guild : notes on its history; organisation; and work File 1932
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010363 Annual report. National Union of Women Teachers; 1935 File 1935
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010201 Labour women's report on socialism and our standard of living File 1938
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010205 Labour in licensed houses : an investigation File 1929
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010563 Argentine 2 : Decree: employment of women and young persons File 1926
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010208 Motherhood and child endowment File 1922
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010564 Argentine 3 : Decree: employment of women and young persons File 1926
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010581 Women old age pension officers : conditions of employment File 1918
UKLSE-DL1IF010030010583 Woman's place in civil service : read before the Assembly of Civil Service Commissions of the United States and Canada; Rochester; N.Y. City.; 13th June 1919 File 1919
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