The Women's Library Poster Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UKLSE-DL1BP010010010041 TWL.2003.11 - International Women's blockade at Greenham Common Folder 1983
UKLSE-DL1BP010010010042 TWL.2003.15 - Thousands of WOMEN will reclaim Greenham Common Folder 1983
UKLSE-DL1BP010010010046 TWL.2003.7 - Justice for Women Benefit Folder 1995
UKLSE-DL1BP010010010049 TWL.2003.13 - Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Folder 1985
UKLSE-DL1BP010010010054 TWL.2003.19a - Women for Life on Earth : Peace March Cardiff, Brawdy, 1982 Folder 1982
UKLSE-DL1BP010010010057 TWL.2003.17 - Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Folder 1980-2000
UKLSE-DL1BP01001002 Women and violence Series
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020004 TWL.2012.14.04 - Wear a Ribbon and Pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women and girls Folder 2005-2010
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020007 TWL.2003.303 - Legal remedies for domestic diputes. Money Folder 1980-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020008 TWL.2003.305 - Legal remedies for domestic disputes. Housing Folder 1980-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020013 TWL.2003.309 - Women need more refuges Folder 1980-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020014 TWL.2003.308.a - International Day to end violence against women Folder 1992
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020022 TWL.2003.349 - The Women's Resource Centre, London Folder 1980-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020027 TWL.2003.296 - These women can't be raped Folder 1980-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020028 TWL.1999.238 - Women's Information and Referral Exchange (WIRE) : The Women's Resource Centre Folder 1980-2000
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030005 3AMS/F/19/05 - United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) Folder 1963-1991
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030006 TWL.2004.930 - It's a womans privilege to change his mind Folder 1970-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030010 TWL.2009.04.06 - Lesbian Celebration March 1981 Folder 1981
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030013 TWL.2003.546.b - Women's Voice Rally for Women's Liberation and Socialism Folder 1978
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030014 TWL.2006.02.06 - South London women's liberation open meeting Folder 1974-1984
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030015 TWL.2006.02.05 - Save the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital Folder [1979]
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010006 TWL.2006.02.24 - Colour it Yourself Alphabet Folder 1980
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010012 TWL.2003.538 - Pornography is Violence Against Women Conference Folder 1982
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010014 TWL.2006.02.21 - Perspectives for Building the Women's Liberation Movement as a Mass Movement Folder 1974-1984
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010019 TWL.2003.195 - Heard this one before? Folder 1978-1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010020 TWL.2003.196 - My Wife Doesn't Work Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010022 TWL.2006.02.26 - Woman stoking a steam train Folder 1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010026 TWL.2006.02.39c - International Women's Day 1976: March 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
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