The Women's Library Poster Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020002 TWL.2012.14.02 - I want to help men's violence against women because...' Folder 2005-2010
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020016 TWL.2003.317 - Women's Aid : Women make a break from violence Folder 1980-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020019 TWL.2003.297 - 25% of violent crime is wife assault Folder 1978
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020021 TWL.2003.298 - The children of violence : Doris Lessing Folder [1993]
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020024 TWL.2003.306 - London Justice for Women Free Emma Humphreys ... justice for battered women who kill Folder 1995
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020026 TWL.2009.04.01 - Women reclaim the night! Folder 1978
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020029 TWL.2003.311 - National Women's Aid Federation Folder 1980-1990
UKLSE-DL1BP010010020030 TWL.2003.600 - Reclaim the Night, torchlight procession Folder 1982
UKLSE-DL1BP01001003 Other organisations and events Series
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030003 TWL.2006.02.04 - Scarlet Women Folder 1974-1984
UKLSE-DL1BP010010030012 TWL.2009.04.04 - LSE Women's Liberation Group Folder 1970-1979
UKLSE-DL1BP01002001 See Red Women's Workshop Series
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010003 TWL.2004.1012.7 - Women's Health Poster No 3 - tranquillizers Folder 1980-1981
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010010 TWL.1999.109 - Which one are you? Folder 1974
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010011 TWL.2003.547 - See Red posters Folder 1984
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010016 TWL.2005.91.04 - Solidarity with Womens struggles all over the world: Women's Day March Folder 1975
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010018 TWL.2004.929 - Heard this one before? Folder 1978-1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010021 TWL.2003.197.a - Capitalism also depends on domestic labour Folder 1975
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010024 TWL.2006.02.39a - Calendar 1976 cover Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010032 TWL.2006.02.39i - Well As She's Lived Longer She's Got To Expect a Smaller Pension: September 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010034 TWL.2006.02.39k - What did you do today dear? November 1976 Calendar Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010036 TWL.2006.02.13 - Print Your Own Poster Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010039 TWL.2006.02.10 - Underneath they're all Loveable Folder 1978
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010041 TWL.2006.02.35 - Alone we are powerless, together we're strong Folder 1976
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010045 TWL.2006.02.37 - Heard this one before? Folder 1978-1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010050 TWL.2006.02.33 - So Long As Women Are Not Free The People Are Not Free Folder 1978
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010051 TWL.2006.02.09 - Black women will not be intimidated Folder 1979
UKLSE-DL1BP010020010052 TWL.2006.02.07 - My Message To The Women Of Our Nation : Tough! Folder 1979
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