Oxford Research Group Inventory list

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UKLSE-AS1OX010030010058 The case for integrating a Climate Security approach into the National Security Strategy File 2017
UKLSE-AS1OX010030010061 Capabilities Review: Squaring Naval Ambitions, Priorities and Resources File 2017
UKLSE-AS1OX010030010064 A Tale of Two Puzzles: Accounting for Military and Climate Change Expenditures File 2018
UKLSE-AS1OX010030010071 Marib: A Yemeni Government Stronghold Increasingly Vulnerable to Houthi Advances File 2020
UKLSE-AS1OX010030020001 ORG Explains #1: The UK Military in the Asia-Pacific File 2018
UKLSE-AS1OX010030020003 ORG Explains #3: UK Energy Security and Climate Change File 2018
UKLSE-AS1OX010030020010 ORG Explains #10: The UK's Joint Expeditionary Force File 2019
UKLSE-AS1OX010030020012 ORG Explains #12: The UK's Pivot to the Sahel File 2020
UKLSE-AS1OX010030030002 Sustainable Security Index Report File 2020
UKLSE-AS1OX010040010005 Iran: Consequences of a War File 2006
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