Terms and conditions of use of digital content

General statement

LSE Library holds one of the most important collections related to the social sciences in the world, and we are committed to making this material freely available online to the widest possible audience wherever possible. In pursuit of this aim, the Library takes ‘reasonable endeavours’ to ensure that our published material:

  • Is compliant with intellectual property legislation normally by making use of a licence or seeking permission from the copyright holder of a piece of work and respecting the moral rights of the author/s.
  • Is compliant with Data Protection legislation (including the General Data Protection Regulation as implemented by the Data Protection Act 2018).

  • Avoids defamatory or offensive images and language.

Notice on Intellectual Property

The type of Licence and Copyright status are included in the catalogue for each published item, in the 'Conditions governing reproduction' field. LSE uses the Creative Commons (CC) Licenses. You can use CC-licensed materials as long as you follow the license conditions. One condition of all CC Licenses is attribution.

When you seek permission to use copyrighted material from our collections you may be asked to specify whether you are using the material commercially or non-commercially. This may also be a condition of any licence.

For information on our definition of non-commercial and commercial use, as well as general information on seeking permission to use copyrighted material see our Reusing Content webpage.

To contact us about any other queries regarding this site please email Library.Enquiries@lse.ac.uk