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A Story of ORG: Gabrielle Rifkind

Discussants: Gabrielle Rifkind, Alasdair McKay and Abigail Watson
Publication date: 25 November 2020
An interview with Gabrielle Rifkind, Director of Oxford Process and a Senior Advisor to the ORG's Strategic Peacebuilding Programme.

Oxford Research Group

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  • 2001-2020

This collection contains born-digital records created by ORG, mainly research outputs produced as part of the Sustainable Security, Strategic Peacebuilding, and Remote Warfare programmes, as well as ORG newsletters and blog articles from external contributors. Also included are podcasts and recordings of panel discussions. The majority of this material was downloaded from the ORG website and transferred to LSE Library when the organisation was wound down. The collection also includes some annual accounts and impact reports (a fuller set of annual reports is available in the ORG analogue collection).

Oxford Research Group (ORG)

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