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Oxford Research Group

  • Collection
  • 2001-2020

This collection contains born-digital records created by ORG, mainly research outputs produced as part of the Sustainable Security, Strategic Peacebuilding, and Remote Warfare programmes, as well as ORG newsletters and blog articles from external contributors. Also included are podcasts and recordings of panel discussions. The majority of this material was downloaded from the ORG website and transferred to LSE Library when the organisation was wound down. The collection also includes some annual accounts and impact reports (a fuller set of annual reports is available in the ORG analogue collection).

Oxford Research Group (ORG)

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, British Section (WILPF)

  • Collection
  • 2013-2015

The collection includes the born-digital records of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, British Section (WILPF).

The first series of records consists of oral histories recorded as part of a project called 'These Dangerous Women', to mark the 100th anniversary of WILPF.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Women's Resource Centre

  • Collection
  • 2019-2020

This collection includes the born-digital records of The Women's Resource Centre (WRC). The first series consists of material relating to 'Sisters Doing it for Themselves', a project run by WRC to mark the 50th anniversary of the Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM) in 2020.

Women's Resource Centre (WRC)

LSE School Management Committee (SMC)

  • uklse-as1sm01
  • Collection
  • 2017-2021

This collection includes the digital records of LSE School Management Committee (SMC), including minutes and papers of SMC meetings. The first series consists of the public (redacted) minutes of SMC meetings held between 2017 and 2021. More information on the committee is available from the LSE SMC page.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Greenham Women Everywhere

  • uklse-as1gw01
  • Collection
  • 2019-2021

This collection includes digital archives produced by Greenham Women Everywhere, a partnership project between Scary Little Girls Association and The Heroine Collective.

The project was funded by Heritage Lottery South West and Supported by The University of The West of England in Bristol, Cornwall Council, Falmouth University, The Women’s Library at The London School of Economics, The East End Women’s Museum, Goldsmiths University of London, The Hypatia Trust, The Feminist Library, Kresen Kernow, the UK Parliament Vote 100 Project and Dreadnought South West.

LSE Community Histories

  • Collection
  • 1969-2021

This collection includes material about LSE community and its history, created or collected by members of the community, including LSE alumni, students and staff. The first two series contain photos and interviews produced as a result of projects run to mark two important LSE anniversaries - 120 and 125 years since the foundation of LSE in 1895.

Charles Booth Digitised Archive

  • Collection
  • 1886-1903

The poverty maps, papers and notebooks of Charles Booth’s inquiry into the Life and Labour of the People in London (1886 – 1903), an investigation into the distribution of wealth and poverty in late-Victorian London. The most famous items in this collection are the maps, known for their street-by-street colour-coded display of wealth distribution throughout the city at the time. This collection includes both the printed and hand-coloured maps produced by the inquiry. Further topics addressed in Booth's papers and notebooks include industry and religion.

Beatrice Webb's Diaries

  • uklse-dl1wd01
  • Collection
  • 1873-1943

The diaries of Beatrice Webb (1858 – 1943), including the original manuscript volumes and typescript copies with associated ephemera. Webb kept a diary from 1873 until her death in 1943, providing a detailed account of her life and work. Topics covered include the Fabian Society, the Labour Party, trade unionism, the suffrage movement, LSE, local government and communism, as well as details of Webb’s personal life, her marriage to Sidney Webb and descriptions of friends and acquaintances.

Fabian Society and Young Fabians

  • Collection
  • 1884-2009

A collection of papers and publications produced by the Fabian Society between 1884 and 2009, including the Fabian Tracts, the Young Fabian pamphlets series and meeting minutes. These materials provide a record of the Society’s internal administration, as well as illustrating their political and ideological evolution over time. Founded in 1884, the Fabian Society is a prominent left-wing think tank which has had (and continues to have) a significant influence on the British left, most notably the Labour Party. The Society was founded with the purpose to "reconstruct society in such a manner as to secure the general welfare and happiness".

EU Referendum leaflets

  • Collection
  • 1975-2016

A collection of campaigning leaflets from the 1975 and 2016 referendums on the UK’s membership of the European Common Market and European Union respectively. The leaflets were produced by various individuals, political parties and organisations active during both campaigns. Together, they evidence the arguments that were presented to the public by campaigners and provide insight into public perception of the referendums at the time.

Women's Rights Collection: Annual Reports

  • uklse-dl1wr01
  • Collection
  • 1868-1929

This collection contains the annual reports of the first suffrage societies of the 19th century (e.g., the London Society for Women’s Suffrage in 1869). This includes reports of the branches of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies, of the Women’s Social and Political Union, and of suffrage societies around England, Scotland, Ireland and Europe. The annual conference reports of the Women’s Freedom League continue until 1929.

Women's Rights Collection: Pamphlets and Leaflets

  • uklse-dl1wr02
  • Collection
  • 1860-1966

This collection contains the bound volume of leaflets published by the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies up until 1914. It also contains the leaflets and pamphlets published by various suffrage organisations such as the Women’s Local Government Society and the Women’s Emancipation Union.

Election Ephemera Collection

  • Collection
  • 2016-2021

This collection includes born-digital ephemera and other material collected by the LSE Library which relates to elections in the United Kingdom.
The first two series consist of candidate manifestos for the main political parties as well as minor and independent parties, and voter guides from the London Mayor Elections in 2016 and 2021.

Political parties represented inlude:
Conservative Party
Green Party of England and Wales
British National Party (BNP)
Labour Party
Liberal Democrats
Women's Equality Party (WEP)
UK Independence Party (UKIP)


  • uklse-as1cm01
  • Collection
  • 2014-2016

This collection contains the digital records of OneBodyOneFaith. The first series includes the oral history archive created in 2016 as part of the heritage project Christian Voices Coming Out, to mark the foundation of the Gay Christian Movement in 1976.