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A Story of ORG

In a special series of podcasts, ORG talks with people involved in the development and evolution of ORG in its early days.

Every Casualty

Between 2007 and 2014 ORG's Every Casualty Programme (formerly known as the Recording Casualties of Armed Conflict programme), sought to coordinate and systematise global efforts to enhance the technical, legal and institutional capacity, as well as the political will, for every single casualty of armed conflict throughout the world to be recorded, civilian as well as combatant. Since October 2014, Every Casualty Worldwide has been operating as an independent NGO - please visit for more information.

Global Security Briefings

Professor Paul Rogers' Global Security Briefings series was launched in mid-2001, exploring the potential for major security challenges from the global margins. Paul continued to share his expertise, analysis and commentary on security issues in his monthly briefings up until ORG ceased operations in 2020.

ORG Blog

The ORG blog was a platform for defence and security experts to exchange and discuss ideas. The views and opinions expressed by commissioned authors do not necessarily reflect those of ORG.

Remote Warfare Programme

The Remote Warfare Programme (RWP) was established in 2018, based around the Remote Control project of the Network for Social Change, which had been hosted by ORG since 2013. It was set up to examine changes in military engagement, with a focus on remote warfare (in which countries like the United Kingdom choose to support local and regional forces on the front lines rather than deploying large numbers of their troops).

Strategic Peacebuilding Programme

The Strategic Peacebuilding Programme (formerly the Middle East Programme) was ORG's conflict resolution programme which sought to contribute to preventing, transforming and ending violence by changing how people think about and engage with conflict.
The programme used a methodology based in ‘radical disagreement’ theory to build the capacity of local partners to engage in strategic dialogue and brokered a series of Track II dialogues in Israel, Palestine and Egypt and between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other states.

Sustainable Security Programme

The Sustainable Security Programme was established in 2006-2007, expanding on Paul Rogers' work on marginalisation, climate change and geopolitics, as well as ORG's work on recording of casualties in armed conflict. The programme aimed to highlight the limitations of orthodox security policy and to develop policy alternatives that address underlying drivers.